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Košice, a city of excellent universities and vibrant student life, welcomes thousands of international students in medicine, veterinary medicine, informatics, and engineering every year. Let us help you navigate the real estate market.

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Did you know that our brand, Férovo, means 'Fairly'? As a real estate agency committed to fairness, we are happy to work with responsible young students.

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We hope you will find these tips & trick helpful while looking for an appartment in Košice:

1. Where to look for offers?

Start online and visit or, highly favored websites and commonly used by locals as well. Or try Facebook groups like Kosice - flats for rent (remember that the offer on Facebook may be limited and the prices slightly higher)

2. What do typical rental contracts specify?

Generally, a minimum lease period of one year is required, and pets are not permitted. For older properties, a security deposit of one month's rent is needed, while for newer ones, it's two months.

Smoking and loud parties are usually banned. Rent payments are due one month in advance. The rent often includes utilities such as heating, water, sewer, electricity, internet, and TV, ranging from 150 to 250 € monthly, unless agreed otherwise.

Payment is preferably made through bank transfer. The notice period is three months. Be careful, only the contractually agreed number of people can live in the apartment.

3. What is the best location to stay?

Foreign students typically favor the city center due to its vibrant nightlife, numerous cafes and bars, and the convenience of being close to most universities, accessible either by walking or public transport.

Map of preferred areas:

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